10 Ideas for a spectacular Valentine’s Day

The roots of Valentine’s Day go all the way back to an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia, a fertility celebration that was later Christianized by the Catholic church. To cut the long story short though let’s jump forward to the present day. Today, the sale of cards, flowers, chocolates and romantic dinners boost during this time of the year. Like most people you probably don’t want to be caught out feeling that you haven’t prepared or leave your partner feeling less than loved. Since this special day for love and romance is coming up soon, we’ve pulled together 10 tips for making this Valentine’s Day a great one.

Book dinner ahead of time. If you’re still in the “dating” zone but have considered taking the relationship to the next level, you can invite her out on a date at a restaurant. Most restaurants have their own Valentine’s day promo so make sure that you book well ahead of time to avoid any disappointment. This year, Valentine’s Day falls of a weekend so you’re bound to have competition – plan early!

Think about a gift. If you have been in a relationship with someone for quite some time, consider giving him or her something special. By now, you should have a good sense for what you significant other’s preferences are. If not, consider their lifestyle and think about any hints they may have dropped – a concert they hope to attend or a brand that they love.

Gift ideas: If she is into lifestyle and fashion, a bottle of Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum (£162/$114.99) wouldn’t hurt! If she is a fitness buff, the TomTom Spark Cardio & Music GPS Fitness Watch, Purple Haze  (£189.99/$249.99) would be useful for her workout.

Consider dining at home. If you both life cooking, show off your skills by organising a romantic dinner for two. Just make sure that you have the menu planned out and have purchased all of the required ingredients. Have a few appetisers and some wine to enjoy while you’re cooking so that no one ends up “hangry” (i.e. hungry and angry) during the meal. Have a movie or something relaxing planned – maybe a movie – once dinner and dessert are done.

Gift idea: Le Creuset Cookware Signature 5-Piece (£807.14/$449.95)

Dinner delivered by a private chef. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of eating in a restaurant and you don’t have a flair for cooking, consider ordering in for delivery. There are lots of cool, affordable companies that will ensure that a private chef can show up to your home and prepare a lovely and exciting meal. Check out companies like La Belle Assiette in London (from £39) or Munchery in the USA  (from $10) for a fab meal. There is probably a chef option, or maybe even delivery, in your neighbourhood.

Dress up a bit. Whether you are going out for dinner or just staying at home – make sure that you dress to impress! There are a lot of great websites out there that will help you look impossibly chic, without breaking the bank. Take time after work to have your make up done and have your nails and hair done the day before. This is a special night where you can put in some real effort for your partner.

Just the two of you! Make sure that you spend the night alone together. It would be a nuisance if you invite a third wheel to your Valentine’s Day date and your significant other probably won’t appreciate it very much. Of course, if you’ve decided to pull together a big group of friends to share the love, that’s cool too.

Go tech free. Unless you are expecting some sort of emergency call, leave any gadgets at home and resist the urge to check your email or phone. Actually, this does not only apply during Valentine’s Day but is good etiquette when you are on a date any time of the year. If your date is less interesting than whatever is happening on your phone, you should consider finding a new partner!

Do NOT propose! Whatever you do, leave the wedding proposal for another date. While this may be the most romantic day of the year, it does not necessarily mean that you have to pop the question. The question will either make or break both your night, but I would say don’t try to ruin it. If the other person says no then you’ve really ruined the day for them and it will be an unfortunate memory for that day. However, if you are one of the 6 million individuals planning or expecting an engagement – good luck!!

Recover if you forgot. If you suddenly remembered that it is Valentine’s Day the last-minute, you can make him or her feel special with your own way. Treat your boyfriend to lunch or personally deliver flowers to her workplace to show you that you have put some effort into making them feel special.

Budget best bets. And if you do not have the budget for a romantic dinner, a simple card or thoughtful gesture can go a very long way. Make breakfast in bed, offer to give them a nice massage, take a walk somewhere fun to sightsee. This is one really fun idea that we found on Pinterest. Remember, it’s not all about the money!


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