Chic and Completely Free Weekend Getaway Ideas

If you read my blog you know that I am a complete sucker for weekends away. I just love traveling and spending time with friends. At the same time, who wants to spend a lot of money? Not me. I’d rather use it for charity activities, fashion, beauty products or even at a great restaurant. So, if you’re looking for some great weekend getaway ideas, look no further.

1 – Do an apartment swap. If you are living in a decent apartment and the landlord is OK with it (check your lease) consider this option. Sites like and make it really easy to find free lodging. You just need to find someone who is interested in your place. If you are not in a very desireable location, consider looking for a place over school holidays or when nearby festivals or events will happen. People are often looking for space and hotels might be overcrowded or expensive, which puts you at an advantage.

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2 – Use your points. Sit down and take a look at all of the points and resources you have at your disposal. You should literally pull out all of your store cards, miles cards, etc. and take a look. I wrote a longer post about this a while back. Basically, I have used points and vouchers for some really fun things like flights and hotels. There are some great options like that offer free night options if you use them regularly.

Chic and Completely Free Weekend Getaway Ideas
Chic and Completely Free Weekend Getaway Ideas

3 – Consider a staycation. If house swapping is not an option and you can’t be bothered to travel somewhere, consider a staycation. Pull out the nice sheets you never use and look for interesting events happening in your area. Are there concerts, shows, plays or exhibitions that you want to see? Check to see if your company has corporate membership for a gallery or discounted theatre tickets. You can also use websites like Meetup, Timeout, Eventbrite or even your local newspaper to find free activities. Consider a day trip somewhere nearby – train companies often offer package deals. Order takeout instead of cooking (or try cooking something fun and new).

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4 – Read the fine print for better deals. You should also take a minute to read the fine print regarding your deals and think about whether you can get more bang for the buck. Some great travel sites like Mr. & Mrs. Smith offer extras (e.g. a meal, wine, chocolate) if you choose certain bookings. If you are working with a travel planner for your trip, it’s a good idea to let them know about your mileage accounts and memberships to see if they can get you a better deal.

Have a great weekend away!

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