Dinner party? Top 5 flower arrangement videos

So, you’re hosting a dinner party and everything else is lined up – catering, cutlery, linens, etc. However, to give the party that extra sparkle, consider making a really nice flower arrangement. If you’ve ever been to a flower market early in the morning and chosen bouquet after bouquet, you know how amazing it is to being a bit of the outdoors to you indoors.

To get you started, we’ve done an edit of some cool flower arranging videos for your next dinner. Just remember to keep the floral designs low so that guests can see each other from across the table. You can also take a look at these vases we found for inspiration.

The photo below is one that I took of some flowers I bought at the Columbia Road Flower market last year. Time to grab some tape and gardening sheers!

Flowers from Columbia Rd
Bought fresh from the market!

Now, about the arranging part…

This video by Howdini is really simple and doesn’t require the use of tape to hold the arrangement in place, instead, the greenery is used to serve this purpose.

Table Flowers - purple

This video by Bloom &Wild is a great one if you are taking the arrangement to your host or hostess. Their company specialises in delivering flowers by mail so you can also send the flowers to someone for them to arrange on their own or gift a flower subscription.

Flowers - Hand Tied

Randy Sharp from Dinner Party Tonight created this informational and quirky video about creating a beautiful dinner party arrangement with roses that you can buy from the local deli or supermarket.

Dinner party tonight yellow flowers

This is actually a Christmas holiday flower tutorial but could be used for Valentine’s Day or if you want to set a romantic, exciting mood. Artistic Director Jeff Leatham of the Four Seasons Paris hotel created this great video.

FourSeasons - red roses

If you wish you could take a class, but don’t have the time, this video is for you. It shows a class run by Carlos Franco, who is the head designer and owner of Green Fresh Florals in San Diego, CA.

Flower arranging class






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