5+ Outrageous Ideas for Impressing Your Boss Ahead of Bonus Season

It’s October and that means that bonuses are being decided for next year. You need to go full steam ahead right now if you want to impress your boss before bonus season.

Hopefully, at this point in your career you have learned the bonus basics i.e. never seem too pleased, don’t act grateful and ask what you can do to get more next year. However, you need to stay focused on the work you are doing the rest of the year and ensure that the big bosses know what you are doing.

Don’t be a good girl and sit there waiting for people to notice the kick ass job you are doing…sorry, but no one is really watching. You have to get out in front and we’re going to help!

These top tips can also be used if your company doesn’t give bonuses but you are hoping for a raise. NOTE: There is a freebie at the bottom, so please read all the way to the end.

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5+ Ways to impress your boss ahead of bonus season

So, how are you going to ensure that you get what you deserve for all of the hard work you’re putting into your job? We hope these tips help you smile (internally only) once that HR compensation letter is opened this year.

1 – Make the most of you reviews. Rather than getting annoyed for your objective setting, mid-year and end-of-year review, you should be getting excited. This is where the money is made. It is where you highlight your expectations and find out what you need to do to get ahead. Your review also gives you the opportunity to toot your own horn a bit. Ask for additional meetings to get feedback.

2 – Save positive emails to share with your team/boss. It’s ok to share a good email with the team if you do it in the right way. Say something like, “Hey everyone, we’ve got another happy customer. Jane and I worked out a great deal for the Perry account. We’ll share some details the techniques we used at the next team meeting.” You are pumping up a teammate, offering to help the team and showing that good work has been done.

4 – Ask for new projects. Your boss is probably stressed out and in need of some support. Be willing to help them pick up the slack. However, you don’t always want to get stuck with crap jobs. It’s one thing to help with a PowerPoint for senior leaders and another to be asked to pick up cookies for the office party. If you get an admin job, try to ask someone else (like his or her PA) to help.

5 – Do your homework. What are the talents needed to get promoted? Show your boss that you are learning new skills. Take a free training or course and post your learnings on LinkedIn. Go to some networking events to find out what is happening in your industry. Show that you are filling gaps and highlight your skills, so that your boss knows to come to you with key projects in new and exciting areas.

6 – Be positive. No one likes a grouch. Stay on the positive side and be a nice person to work and engage with. Say hello when you arrive in the morning and ask the how their weekend went. Show people that you care.

Bonus next steps and FREEBIES!

Now that you have impressed your boss. you need to know the right way to go about handling this. You don’t want to turn them off!

1 – Find out what other people are getting. You don’t want to kick up a storm only to find out that you are getting more than others or better than the market rate for the work you’ve done. Your boss will have to ask HR to approve more money and you don’t want to be caught out looking like a complainer.

2 – Take a negotiation course and prep with a friend. There is going to be resistance if you ask for higher pay or bigger bonus. If you are female, you have a right to be concerned. Employers and managers often have a negative view of women who ask for more money. Check out the latest techniques around how to ask for – and get – what you want. Check out sites like SheNegotiates or some of the great research coming out of schools like the Harvard Kennedy School.

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