7 tips for buying and selling luxury items online

I  really like designer clothes and handbags and have both bought and sold items through sites like Vestiaire Collective, Hardly Ever Worn It, and eBay. Clean out your closet and you’ll probably find at least one designer piece that you bought for the brand name even though it didn’t really fit and/or came in a weird color. Let’s face it, it’s time to sell that piece to someone who might really  like it and look great in it – you’ll make  some cash and create space  for items  that you really want  and that make you look special. So, here are my top tips for buying and selling online.

1) Sign up for couple of sites to get a sense of what sells.

There are plenty of sites out there but it is best to do your homework. How many people will see your item? What sort of products does the site take?  If you have a Coach bag to sell but most of the bags that are sold on the site are Chanel your items might not get very much attention.

2) Use sites that check for fakes – you want the real deal.

If you are selling a high end item, the buyer will want to know for sure that they are buying an authentic item that is clean, cared for, and representative of what you are saying it is. When I recently bought a Prada handbag on Vestiaire Collective, I felt better knowing that their staff checked the bag before it was sent to me. I don’t buy investment bags that often so I wanted to know that the bag was real and high quality.  Also, take  a look at the item on the original brand site if possible – sometimes you can spot differences between real and fake items quite quickly by taking a look at the real thing.

Prada from Vestiaire
I bought this really great Prada bag on Vestiaire Collective!

3) Take sometime to ensure that the site is legitimate.

There are lots of sites but you need to do your homework – send a test email to customer service to see how quickly they respond. You’ll want to ensure that you are given the right level of attention and that you receive your cut of the payments for any item you have sold or the product you purchased as you were expecting it. Don’t lose money by not using a legitimate site!! You work hard for your money and so should any company you decide to work with.

4) If you are selling a product, take high quality photos or use a site that takes professional photos.

When I sold a Phillip Lim dress on Covetique.com (the site is sadly now defunct), they put my dress on a nice mannequin and verified the item independently. As I looked at the item online I sort of wanted it back but alas I remembered that it was now a size too small – also it sold quickly and was gone forever. I think the fact that it looked so great helped a lot in terms of the dress selling so quickly.

5) Measure yourself first and double check which sizing is being used.

Sites like ebay and Vestiaire allow you buy  items from all over the globe. Before doing an online search, take some time to find out what size you are in a variety of countries. Do you know your clothing and shoes sizes in France? UK? USA? Learn them.

6) Ask questions and respond to questions.

Most sites are built around a community so it is perfectly OK to ask questions about products. If you are  the  seller, take time to answer questions and, if needed, take and post extra photos. This helps build trust and the community will learn which buyers and sellers are serious.

7) If your items don’t sell on one site, try another. 

There are a lot of sites out there and you’ll need to find out what works the best for you. Yes, it might take some time but it will be worth it when you are making money and walking around in amazing designer styles.

Hope you’ve found this guide to buying and selling luxury items online useful! Now you just need to book some time to clean out your closet.

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