An 8 carat engagement ring under 1000? How to do it!

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you’re getting some hints that next year might see a proposal. What do you do? Proposals not only involve mustering up the courage to ask the question, you’ll also want a memorable experience surrounding the decision to take your relationship to the next level. It requires a lot of planning and of course, some money for a ring. Picking out the right engagement ring is really important and will show your significant other how well you know them.

Why you shouldn’t buy a diamond

With the current economic situation though, buying an engagement ring should also be a practical choice. There are a couple of good reasons why you should opt for an alternative to the diamond engagement ring:

  • Getting married means that you need to save for the future. Engagement rings are tokens of your great love for your future wife-to-be (or husband-to-be, current trend shows that men are now also wearing engagement rings). But wouldn’t it be better to save your money for future finances (investments, mortgage, artwork, vacation, etc.)?
  • If you are wearing a pricey ring, you will constantly worry about losing it and you’ll need to spend time getting insurance. Lots of celebrities wear costume jewellery while keeping the real stuff tucked in a vault. Even famous women, such as the Duchess of Windsor, were know to have costume jewellery.
  • Watch the movie ‘Blood Diamond’. Enough said!

Consider some awesome alternatives

This does not mean that you can’t give your partner the exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience and provide a ring that really gets some attention. You can opt to go for great alternatives such as:

Lab created diamonds –  also known as synthetic diamonds. This is closest to the real thing, which means that it is quite hard to tell the difference. What are the negative sides to using lab created diamonds? Size is limited and there is the unromantic notion that the diamond has been crafted inside a laboratory, rather than being formed over millions of years in the earth.

Moissanite – this was introduced back in 1998 and is considered as a low-cost alternative to a genuine diamond. It has real likeness to a diamond when it comes to hardness, color and brilliance. Just like the cubic zirconia, it has no real value and does not guarantee that it will last forever. It also sometimes has a bit of a greyish hue. Another issue is that light can reflect off of it in a weird way that creates a “disco ball” effect in larger stones.

Semi-precious stones – there are several choices when it comes to semi-precious stones. Depending on what you choose, it can definitely make a statement! Instead of a yellow diamond, why not consider a citrine? Maybe you can buy a spinel instead of a huge ruby. Put a few diamonds around the stone and you’ll be on your way to some serious bling.

Rings we really, really love a lot!

To help you with your ring shopping, we’ve come up our top choices!

8ct Engagement Ring
Photo: Carat London

The 8 Carat Grand Emerald Trilogy is a beautiful step cut ring by Carat London that would definitely put the “wow” factor up a notch when you pop the question. It certainly makes a statement and you’ll save hundreds of thousands.

Citrine and Diamond Ring
Photo: 1st Dibs

Consider this beautiful 10 carat diamond and citrine ring. This would be perfect for a spring or summer engagement. You can always remind them that the ring signifies the sunshine and light that is part of the love you have for each other.

Carat London Ring
Photo: Carat London

Channel Kate Middleton with this 8 Carat Grand Cushion Border Set in Sapphire. Not only is it crazy beautiful, it is also quite affordable too. You won’t be hiding this in the vault!

Gemporia Kunzite Ring
Photo: Gemporia

This 10.58 Carat Kunzite ring is really pretty in pink and will gather a lot of attention. Perfect for someone who wants a soft, feminine option that still gathers a lot of attention for its sparkle.

Before you buy, take some time to see how your partner feels about diamond alternatives. They might be happier with a tiny diamond rather than a massive opal. Maybe the opposite is true, but you’ll never know until you ask. At the end of the day the most important thing is that foster and nurture a long lasting relationship, which is a commitment that should last for a lifetime.

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