+3 ways to travel light and still be the best dressed one on your trip

I love those 1930’s movies where a woman boards a train for a trip to some exotic locator armed with seven or eight beautiful pieces of luggage, including a hat box. Today in 2016, most of us feel blessed to make it to my destination with my Panama hat still intact. Add in extra fees for excess luggage and baggage allowance restrictions and it becomes even more precarious. And, going a step further, unless you’re flying on a decent sized jet, those old school trunks would not work on a private plane – the weight could cause a crash (shedding a tear for Aaliyah).

At the same time, resort and cruise collections have shown us what our holiday wardrobe could look like. Ever since Louis Vuitton and other fashion houses started showing collections in Palm Springs, we all know that the game has changed. Forget about that crusty t-shirt to cover your swim suit. The days of looking like a slob by the pool are over. Same with dinner or drinks by the bar. Looking nice and “put together” is key.
So, we’ve pulled together some top ideas that will allow you to get on and off of the plane, boat, jet while looking like a superstar. More importantly, these ideas will hopefully help you make your way there without having to check a bag. Let’s get started…
1 – Take your laundry room with you. You can get a mini version of almost anything these days. Those of us in Europe know that many hotels don’t have an iron in the room. Get a mini travel iron so that you are not stuck with rumpled clothing that looks crappy. If you get to the hotel room and they don’t have a sewing kit, ask for one. Trust us, at some point, you’ll need it. Also, take along a bar of laundry detergent. This way you can quickly wash out a stain without paying huge hotel laundry fees or asking your Airbnb hosts to use their laundry room.
2 – Always unpack. Use the drawers and hangars in the room. Look over your clothes and think about organizing them so that you can get a sense of what you have and what you are going to wear. Let’s face it, sometimes you go on a trip and the weather is not what you expect. Maybe some of your liquids spilled out all over a couple of your items, maybe you forgot something you thought you packed. Put your pricey jewellery in the safe. Assess what you have. Look hot.
3 – Buy a few prices there. I was at an event recently admiring the ring of another attendee. She told me that she picked it up in a costume shop in Rome. All I could think was “of course you did”. You too can be the chicest man or woman at the party if you spend a little bit of time picking up cool things on your travels. Find cool, interesting things to take home with you. This is not just about fashion. Check out some paintings, local crafts…your life is interesting and what you have tells a bit of that story. When I our founder Alex travels, she likes to buy a piece of jewellery for herself and one for her sister. You might also want to consider having some items of clothing made or commissioned.
4 – See if the hotel has a steamer. If you use a steamer your clothes will be wrinkle free and looking great. If not, find out if someone on staff can iron your clothes for a small fee. It is always a great idea to try to pack things that are not going to wrinkle. Think about jersey rather than silk or something in cotton that will smooth out easily. Clothes with tears, stain and wrinkles just look terrible. Steaming clothes means that you have to look over them as you steam them.
5 – Don’t fold your clothes. Pack the right way by rolling your clothes, rather than folding them. This will prevent them from creasing along the folds so the clothes are in good shape when you arrive at your destination. You might be going to a rustic outpost without any amenities so be prepared for whatever situation you might end up in. If you pack right, use the space well and make use of your luggage correctly, you should be OK.
Overall, looking great is about packing clothes that make you feel good and feel comfortable on your trip. At the end, all that really matters is your experience on the trip and how good the photos look. Not being judgemental, but let’s face it, the photos and souvenirs are all that are left in the end. Have fund being the chicest one on the trip!

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