Upgrades Are Not Just for the Few. Become a SUCCESS and Live a LUXE Lifestyle  (Without Waiting for Millions).

I started Luxeha in 2015 to share all of the lifestyle brands, tips and tricks that I have found and used. Over time, I pivoted a bit to focus more and more on philanthropy and culture along with my other lifestyle updates. What is the point of having a great career and making money if you’re not giving back? Also, a lot of my career success and contacts have come from my work and engagement in the culture and philanthropy space. I want to highlight that living a luxe life should not just be about driving around in a Ferrari (it’s still OK). However, if you have a lot, it’s important to give back – these go hand in hand. And, if you’re not “there yet” helping others can help you get there.

Me at the Children & Arts Dinner #getMOREGIVEback
Me at the Children & Arts Dinner #getMOREGIVEback

Fun Facts

  • Love art and opera – The Marriage of Figaro and La Traviata are my top picks
  • First got involved in charity volunteering with my mom in charity shops
  • Have managed a multi million dollar grant fund and worked in CSR roles
  • Background in public policy and I have worked in the public and private sectors
  • I flip between British and American spelling…sorry in advance

I’m writing for….

My view is that you can live a great life and that you should not wait until you are worth millions (you’ll get there) to get engaged in your community. The reality is that getting engaged will help you get where you want to go faster.

  • Budding socialites who want to make the most of their skills
  • Career professionals who care about helping their community
  • People who want to live a luxe life – without the shallowness
  • Those who care about cultural organizations and career
  • Fashionistas who want work/play style ideas and recommendations


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