Why looking good can help you earn over $200,000

Did you know that attractive people get more? Is it shallow? I’m not sure but from personal experience when I look my best and feel confident I am ready to face the day and at ease. This doesn’t always mean wearing £1000 shoes or holding a £700 handbag. The reality is that I might be wearing an affordable dress but it’s well cut and I have a great manicure. Looking good matters. Researchers have found that being attractive can help you earn over $200,000 in a lifetime.

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Get that look

If you’re anything like me, you have zero time and a lot to get done. No one can look perfect 100% of the time – but you can get close. Have you ever met someone who seems to look good in everything? Well, I read an article awhile back and found the advice to generally be true – it all comes down to hair,  makeup and fitness. This is why you see really,really pretty models wearing awful outfits and still looking absolutely amazing. Or an actress who looks scruffy in those tabloid “real life” shots but  wonderful on the red carpet.

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It’s about the right level of appropriateness and looking your best for that specific occasion. So, how can you ensure that you look hot while putting in as little effort as possible? I’ve developed a list of tips and ideas a for looking amazing even when you don’t have tons of time, money or energy. Maybe you too will earn over $200,000 before you know it.

Attractive in an instant


  • If you are running late, do your foundation, powder and brows. These will define your face and make you look polished.
  • Keep a make up bag in your desk and touch up at lunchtime – reapply lipstick, check that you don’t have food on your face, fix smudged mascara and put on a bit more perfume.


  • Get your clothes tailored so that they fit correctly. Donate or sell clothes that no longer fit or are not the style you want going forward.
  • Ensure that the the clothes you have are in good shape. I have a separate laundry bag for repair/dry clean items. There a lot of great laundry and dry cleaning apps that make this easy.
  • Wear clothes that are correct for your body type. Does the bit flatter you or is it just trendy?


  • If you are not in shape, make some changes. Join a gym, drink more water, take vitamins. You will feel better about yourself.
  • Ensure that you are also mentally healthy. Your attitude plays a major role…you can look like a supermodel but if your attitude sucks you’re as unattractive as they come.

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Now, after doing all of this, will you earn over $200,00? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t but why not put things in your favour from the get go. I can’t tell you have far having the right “presence” can go.

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