Why serving on a charity board can propel your career



Juggling between your full-time job and your personal and social life can be very demanding, but many of us recognise that this means we’re generally in a good place to begin with. There is a lot going on because we are successful and have opportunities. However, many people out there aren’t so lucky and would love to have a great job and good relationships. We all want to perform at the top of our game in every aspect of our lives when it comes to being a good individual and a solid member of the community. Joining a charity board can  help meet this goal by providing the organisation with the skills it needs to succeed, but it can also help you on a personal and professional level. Here are just some of the reasons why serving on a charity board can boost your career and life:

1 – Exposure to well-connected business leaders

Charity board members usually consist of business leaders with connections. Being in the same room with them can help give you exposure to these individuals and foster social and working relationships with them. This will also allow you to showcase your knowledge and skills. Once they become comfortable with you, they might also introduce you to their key contacts, which can further increase your network and might help you with your career in the future.

2 – Chance to close your skills gaps

Board members exist to raise awareness about the charity, steer it towards success and raise money to help the organisation survive. Sitting on a charity board will allow you to promote your analytical, money management, organisational and leadership skills, which you may not be able to do in your regular job. Board members usually come from diverse groups, which will allow you to learn from their insights and expand your mindset and perspective.

3 – Help solve community problems

If you are planning to join a charity board, it would be advisable to ensure that the organisation’s values and goals also link with your values. For example, if you care about education programmes in low-income areas with poor schools, your board will be able to use it’s passion to help solve this problem. This is a great outlet for making your community a better place to live.

4 – Show employers you are ready to take the next step

Many jobs are usually confined or limited to a specific set of tasks, which leaves you unable to enhance your other talents. Serving as a board member or trustee provides you with a chance to showcase and further enhance the skills that you need to take yourself to the next level in the the workplace. It is also a great way of ensuring that you keep up skills that you may not use as often. Take time to highlight the work you’re doing to your boss and other leaders within your workplace.

5 – Chance to consider new ways of doing things

Serving on a board means that you will meet individuals who work at other companies and possibly in other cities. This will provide you with insights for a new ways to tackle issues within your own organisation. Different perspectives are important for reaching the ultimate goal of ensuring the success of the charity. All you need to have is an open mind! Both you and your company will benefit from your broader thinking.

6 – Events and activities

Serving on a board won’t just help your professional life, it can also help boost your social life. Many charities sell VIP tickets to performances or host fundraising luncheons and dinners at posh or interesting places. It is great to be able to have early access to shows or to take friends with you to these events and help raise even more money for a good cause.


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