How I bought a CHANEL bag for under £300

I like lux! Actually, I like lux a lot. Of course, like a lot of other people I find that living in a big city is expensive (life is expensive I guess) and I have many financial goals. I need to be smart about money. After my separation, I found myself coming out of my shell a lot more and thinking about what I wanted – I was also feeling really sorry for myself and wanted a few treats. Who wouldn’t?

One thing I wanted was a Chanel handbag. It needed to be a bag that I could use a lot and that that I would get some use out of. I don’t have a lot of handbags but  the ones that I have, I keep. They become like old friends. The Prada that I got after a big bonus or the brown leather Mario Orlandi that I bought right when I started grad school. Why not Chanel now? I just had to find the right option at the right price.

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I started off by looking at the various options on the Chanel website – I have to admit that the ones I loved where the priciest options and I am also a big fan of practicality – how much can I fit…will I love it…what about the cost per wear!? Sigh, this is what happens when you work in financial services – there is a cost and risk assessment to everything and most of the options that I gravitated towards did not meet the cut.

I took a look a the site and thought about what I liked. Last year, I started to work with a stylist who explained something important to me. She said that for a lot of her bosslady clients she recommended that they have a separate set up handbags for the work week and for the weekend. This would help them mentally separate the working week from the weekend down time. I have found her advice to be true.

So, fast forward, when I saw that Vestiaire Collective was having a special deal that allowed users to break up the cost of items by splitting it over three months, I thought “why not”. I could get what I wanted while being smart about my cash flow. This was the beginning of my journey.

Getting my hands on the bag….

So, the thing I love about most fashion websites today is that you can save items and them go back to purchase them later if you are not sure about what you really want at the time. I love, love, love this option so much because it means that I can save options to purchase later. In this case, I spent time looking around online and based my search on a bit of criteria – I am always looking at what others have to see if it something that I do or don’t want in my life. Not in a jealous way but because I think it is a way of “taking ones temperature”. How do you feel about what you really want out of life be it the past, present or future. I had seen some women walking around with weekend bags by Chanel that were smaller, cloth based styles and I thought that would be a good option for me. I was not interested in another heavy leather bag and already had leather bags I loved in both black and brown. I was also on a small bag kick – something that could fit my wallet, keys, cell phone and that’s it.

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I had saved a couple of bags, but after a few hours I settled on a small Chanel cloth and leather clutch. I ordered it online using the option to break up my payment of £257 over the course of three months interest free. Could I pay all at one time? Sure, but I would rather keep my savings steady while getting the handbag now. I remember before the days of store credit cards, there was layaway and I liked that option for that reason alone (or at least I sure my mom did as I was too young to buy anything for myself). Best if there is no interest! After a couple of weeks (they do an authenticity check) my bag arrived and I started using it right away. It did not come with a dust bag (all of your good handbags should have them), but I was able to find one on ebay to keep the bag in. It’s the perfect size for weekend brunch. I’ve got my Chanel at last…probably won’t be my last though!
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