7 Fresh ways to brighten your home with summer decor

Winter is over and your mind has probably turned to thoughts of sunshine barbecues and trips to the beach. The way you home looks, smells and feels can help you make that transition all the more quickly. The cool thing is that this doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. A few changes here and there should be enough. We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you make the transition.

Fresh Squeezed Ideas

7 Fresh ways to brighten your home for the summer

  1. Zara Home Cotton Rug
  2. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne

  3. STRANDKRYPA  Ikea bedding

  4. Madhouse by Michael Aram Cutlery and Napkins
  5. Neom Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basel Candle

Summer is coming!

1 – Don’t forget scents. Put away the frankincense and myrrh and move towards floral or citrus candles and scented sticks.

2 – Alter your accessories. You have a few boxes of Christmas decorations and sets of clothes for summer and winter. The same should go for your home. Look for pillow covers, swap out darker vases for of get ones.

3 – Think about the music you play in your home. It may not do anything visually but a nice jazzy mix or fun summer music – anything from the beach boys to Tupacs Summer. I personally enjoy the Buena Vista social club. If you don’t brighten visually, things of the tone and mood you are greating and use that as a key aspect for welcoming the new season.

4 – Bring in fresh, bright flowers. Pink, yellow, purple? Take your pick. Summer farmers markets generally have a lot of great options. If you need ideas on how to arrange them, check out this post.

Flowers from Columbia Rd
Bought fresh from the market!

5 – Consider repainting a wall or two. Color can impact your mood. Think about changing the texture or even whether you want some plants on the wall. You could also take a look at wallpaper options or even a mural.

6 – Change your bath/shower accessories. Lighter towels and accessories, fresh citrus, linen and floral soaps and bath gels. This is also a good time to buy new body brushes, sponges and loofah. A natrual loofah should be replaced every 3 – 4 weeks.

7 – Bring in reminders of summertime. Seashells you’ve collected, travel posters, family photos from other summer holidays.

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