No Valentine this Year? Take a look at these charity dating sites!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. A time for love, passion, red roses, lipstick and underwear. Was this year was more about pizza and your PJs than roses and red wine? You might want to think about how you can combine your desire to do good work and meet the love of your life at the same time. There are lots of charity dating sites out there focusing on serving the community while helping people meet each other.

With people getting more and more tired and disillusioned with dating apps, the reality is that the game is changing. People want others that they know, trust and can make friends with before rushing into a relationship. At the same time, meeting other people can people really, really difficult. With work, friends, parties, networking and family, it seems like dating can come last on the list sometimes.

However, charity dating can be a nice, relaxed way to meet others that doesn’t involve a lot of money. In an article about couples who met volunteering, one guy stated that:

“We were both sceptical about volunteer relationships when we first met, even though a friend had referred to St John as “the biggest dating agency in London”. But when you volunteer alongside someone you get to see another side than the anxious, dressed-up person who turns up on a first date. The qualities that make a good volunteer – willingness, patience, eagerness to learn and go beyond the call of duty from time to time – are also attractive in a new partner.”

The Anti-Tinders

Tinder is probably a great name for what happens to your heart when you meet lots and lots of random people but nothing clicks. Humans want and need real connections in life..unless you’re a hermit or something like that. Thankfully, there are some great “philanthropreneurs” out there who are stepping in to help people find love.

One site UK-based site is called Good Deed Dating. Rather than paying huge recurring monthly fees you just buy an event ticket and meet lots and lots of people. Another more traditional site is iHeartVolunteers. It has a more classic feel but it ia dating website that links people who care about volunteering. The site says that it donates 10% of its proceeds to the charities its users volunteer with. There is even a site called Charity Date Auction where you can auction yourself off for a date night all for a good cause.

So, if you find yourself all alone, just remember that it doesn’t have to be like this all of the time. There are many ways to meet people and find that someone special. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll feel happy and positive about the great work you’re doing for others. Peace and love!!


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