Check out a Christie’s Lates event in London

If you are into the arts and looking for a fun night out, consider checking out a Christie’s Lates event in London. I went to the most recent one on 25 June to see the artwork in a relaxed setting and find out what it was all about. I have been to events at auction houses but this one seemed geared to a younger crowd (20s and 30s) than they usually have. I decided to go with a couple of friends.

Chrisite’s Lates events are held on the first Tuesday of every month and are billed as an opportunity to “have a post-work drink, to hear experts talk about art, interior design and collecting, and to see what happens behind the scenes at 85 Old Brompton Road”.

Marc Chagall Crucifix
Marc Chagall, Apocalypse en Lilas: Capriccio, 1945/47, gouache, pencil

At the event….

This is a really fun activity if you are looking for an inexpensive but interesting date idea. I have to say that the crowd was a bit younger on the night I went – early to mid 20’s maybe. There was one couple brazenly making out in the middle of the room as I started looking at the art. Ah youth (or maybe immaturity, get a room folks)!

I arrived at around 7:30pm and the crowd wasn’t huge. Most people seemed to be wearing work clothing i.e. straight from the office. There was a great atmosphere and – my favourite part – a large candy bar in the middle of the room. I was literally like a kid in the candy store and it was nice to have something to chew on while browsing the artwork. There was also a talk held during the evening but I missed it as I came late.

The best part though is to be with friends and check out the amazing artwork. These days, a lot of great pieces can only be seen in museums. Collectors buy and hold or they show pieces in their private homes. This is another avenue for being able to see amazing artwork.

Christie's Lates
Luxeha: Candy bar at Christie’s Lates event

There is free coat check, which is really nice if you have your gym bag or a winter coat. If you want to go somewhere afterwards to eat, this event is also a good option. I recommend Apero (Italian) or Casa Brindisa (Spanish tapas), both are about 10 minutes away.

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