Diptyque candles and the sweet smell of summer

I am a huge fan of scented candles. They make everything smell better and bring the perfect, soft light into a room. When you think of romance, there is often a single candle sitting between two people who are falling more and more in love with each other. Sigh!

Of course, another key aspect of a candle is the scent – if you want one or not and what it should be. I burned Feu de Bois candles (fire wood scent) nearly all winter. If you haven’t tried this one, I highly recommend it for winter. Or maybe if you have a closed fireplace that you use for candles.

Now that summer is pretty much in full swing, or as much of a full swing as you can get in London, I decided that it was time to lighten up and look into some new scents. I went down to the Diptyque store on Westbourne Grove and checked out a couple of options. I really likes the Roses scent but in the end opted for Baies (berries).

Diptyque Baies
Luxeha: Diptyque Baies

In the shop…

The guy working in the shop on the day I went in was really nice and he mentioned that they had an email list. I told him that I didn’t want to get any more emails but that I knew the brand and preferred to walk into a store to try things on occasion. With something like a scented candle, it can be tough to make a purchasing decision when you can’t actually smell the product. I would only buy a perfume or other scented item online if I had tried it is real life. I left my address in case they wanted to mail updates about in store events. Lo and behold, a few days later I received a really nice handwritten note and some eau de toilette samples!

Diptyque Letter
Luxeha: Diptyque Letter

Trying on a scent

The envelope had four perfume samples, which I have been trying. The sample were (descriptions stolen from the Diptyque website):

Eau DelleThis one was my favourite. Vanilla, Spices, Frankincense. Vanilla is refined between shadow and light. Brightened up by a vibrant top note of cold spices, then made sensual by black frankincense whose powers of seduction are devilishly engaging.

Oyedo – Citrus, Thyme, Cedar Wood. A luxurious, invigorating, and enchanted display of citrus fruits. Bright lemon, green mandarin, tangy orange, and tamarind make a bright and colorful combination.

Olene – Wisteria, Narcissus, Jasmine, Honeysuckle. A romantic evening in Venice where a cascade of delicate, spring time flowers come together and the subtle scent of wisteria envelops freshly picked narcissus.

Ofresia – White Freesia, Black Pepper. Opposites attract when pristine and pure freesia succumbs to the dark temptations of black pepper. The uniqueness of this atypical accord will lead you on a string.

Thanks Diptyque!

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