35+ Ways to distract yourself from texting back (cause you shouldn’t)

You’ve met someone and you like them a lot but don’t want to come across as too aggressive or over eager. So, you send them a text but it is a day later and you’ve heard nothing. Or, you ended the relationship (or maybe they did) but you want to feel loved and miss the attention. There are lots of reasons why you should not pick up the phone to text them. It’s needy and probably won’t help the situation at all.

At the same time, when you want to be with someone, it is impossible not to think about that person, pine for them and desire them a lot. It’s OK to feel a bit sorry for yourself for a little while. Instead of sulking, pick yourself up and try out some of these activities. We’re serious…once you get through this list, you won’t have time for much else.

1 – Text three girlfriends you haven’t spoke to in a while

2 – Sign up for a volunteer activity or charity event

3 – Find a new TV show to binge watch (I’ve been loving The Collection on Amazon Prime)

4 – Pick a movie at the local indie cinema and book a single ticket

5 – Call an elderly relative who might be lonely

6 – Go buy some new stationary and use it

7 – Head to the local bookstore…browse and have a coffee

8 – Clean your apartment

9 – Update your LinkedIn profile and start looking at new job options

10 – Buy a bunch of flowers and learn to arrange them

11 – Go get a massage

12 – Binge watch Youtube comedy clips

13 – Go to the makeup counter and get a makeover

14 – Call (don’t text) some girlfriends and go for a walk

15 – Buy a new lipstick

16 – Buy a newspaper and read the whole thing

17 – Download an app that blocks you from using your phone

18 – Delete the other person’s number – try Drunk Mode or Split

19 – Get a haircut or try a new style

20 – Head to the gym or find a workout plan

+35 Things to do instead of texting him back

21 – Make a list of reason why you’re not a good fit with the other person

22 – Book a vacation or staycation

23 – Get some new underwear

24 – Look up some local classes and sign up for one

25 – Try making  a new signature dish

26 – Update your resume and bio

27 – Open up Youtube and try a new beauty technique – brows? lips? Do it!

28 – New underwear – toss the grandma/grandpa stuff

29 – Grab some pals and head to the bar – Instagram it

30 – Meditate or do some Yoga

31 – Send a thank you card to someone

32 – Write a letter to your local politician about a community issue

33 – Register to vote or make a campaign donation

34 – Put on a face mask, make some tea, watch a chick flick

35 – Call your parents, then siblings, then grandparents

36 – Buy a new polish and paint your nails

37 – Call a friend who will  support you

This is a long list and by the time you have gotten to point 10 or 15 we hope you have forgotten all about your desperate texting attempts. You don’t have to reduce yourself to get attention. Get the right kind of attention by having a life….a real one.



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