Eat Right: 5 videos that will help ensure you don’t make a faux pas while dining out

We’ve all probably had a moment when we let our manners slip up a bit while dining out because we are not sure what to do when eating something new or that we don’t eat on a regular basis.

Recently, I went to a nice restaurant and ordered some mussels. I did not see a seafood fork so just decided to tuck in using the regular fork with the knife to hold it open. I knew I was messing up when the waiter brought me a finger bowl (a clear sign to use your hands if there ever was one).

Even though I have eaten mussels many times, and spent several weeks in etiquette classes (ok, it was a long time ago), I am not immune to forgetting what to do. At the end of the day, really classy people won’t bother you about your manners. However, you will to the staff, your friends, your colleagues and yourself a favour by trying to get things right.

So, in honour of my faux pas, I have done a bit of  research and found helpful videos regarding how to  eat certain items that might seem tough to eat. Note that some of this can vary depending on how fancy the restaurant is and whether you are in an international setting or not. Happy dining!

How to eat a Lobster

So tasty and so easy to eat. Crack it open, pull out the meat, eat and finger bowl. Hooray!

How to eat Mussels

They don’t mention the seafood fork! Go with your hands if there isn’t one. Use the finger bowl…doh!

How to eat Spaghetti

I like using a spoon because it helps you get just the right amount.

How to eat Soup

Push it away from yourself and pour into your mouth. Easy does it.

Just an overall video about how to eat correctly in an international setting 

I really liked this video. Super clear and will help you with work or if you are enjoying a night out on the town.

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