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Ah the life of a celebrity! No matter how much we know about the difficulties and troubles they go through fighting for their privacy, we all still want to live that life. Browsing through magazines, tabloids and social media, you will see photographs of celebrities globe-trotting, arriving at the airport with their own entourage. It looks so glamorous! If you are wondering how you too can get a piece of the celebrity pie here are some essential secrets for flying like a celebrity!

Get picked up and dropped off in style in style

Celebrities get picked up in stylish and flashy cars. However, you don’t need to drop loads of cash to get star service. Executive car hire companies offer these kinds of services. They have premium vehicles that you can rent for a day and some also offer their own chauffeur. You can also look into apps like Uber that have speciality car service focused on higher end cars and service. For example, I was once picked up by the Uber Black service after leaving a house party and a nice silver Mercedes-Benz pulled up to whisk me away. I felt – and looked like – a star (even if only one night).

Buy fast lane vouchers

Airport security checks can be tedious. Celebrities, as we all know, do not really have to pass through these security checks just like commoners (ugh!). You can feel like a VIP by buying fast lane vouchers where you don’t have to wait in long queues as with the other passengers and ruin your entire style. These vouchers allow you to use the fast lane or head to the front of the line. Check out companies like Clear in the USA or, if you are in the UK, you can visit travel extras sites such as Holiday Extras to buy vouchers (you may have to buy lounge or parking access to get the fast pass though).

Get access to a lounge

While waiting for your flight, you might need a quiet and calm place to relax. Celebrities usually don’t wait at the passenger’s area. Instead they hang out at premium or private lounges (if not nearly empty lounges at private airports) to avoid the chaos and experience first-class service. You can do so too by:

Buying a voucher – you can visit websites offering airport lounge passes so you can travel and get access to benefits such as complimentary food and drinks, free Wi-Fi  and access to comfortable and convenient seats. Vouchers can be had for as little as £13.50.

Buy a Day Pass – similar to airport lounge vouchers, airlines sometimes offer a day pass where you can get access to premium VIP lounges. However, these are often limited to a certain amount of time, but you get the same benefits. It is best to check online which airports and airlines have this option.

Use Miles – if you are a member of an airline frequent flyer program (depending on your status which normally requires a Gold or Silver membership), you may be able to use the lounge.

Lounge Clubs – lounge clubs are independent members only programmes where you can get access to VIP lounges worldwide. You’ll be able to travel anywhere and be provided with features and benefits such as complimentary food and drinks and  premium facilities. check out companies like Priority Pass and Lounge Club.

In flight goodies

Long haul flights can often feel like they might last forever. it also means that you are going to be confined for quite some time. Getting a nice travel kit will allow you to freshen up during the flight and ensure that you are photo ready just as you arrive at the airport! Some items might include decompression tights, moisturiser and your own personal pillow and blanket. Don’t forget to make a playlist and pack some headphones.

You can also make use of drink vouchers, might be offered depending on the airline and your miles status. Check with your airline if they offer these vouchers or you can also purchase ahead of time.

Your paparazzi greeting

Now this is the fun part! Celebrities get the VIP welcome with a massive paparazzi greeting. This means camera flashes here and there as you walk out of the airport. This will give your flying experience the celebrity-like final touch. There photography companies which offer this service depending on the number of photographers that you want to hire for the day. Price starts at £150/ $550.

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