Perfect fashion ideas that will help you land a flight upgrade

I was recently on my way to the USA  and crossing my fingers that I could get a flight upgrade. I had booked at the last second and flights to the east coast from London are nearly always full but I still felt hopeful. That feeling vanished though when I saw the woman ahead of me. Talk about the height of fashion! She was hearing nice black jeans, high heels and carried beautiful designer leather bag – small enough to be a carry on but larger than a purse. My heart sank a bit. Me? I was wearing “comfy jeans” and a frumpy top and running shoes. Add on a suitcase, bag and a huge bag of candy that I had set aside for  colleagues in the USA. In other words, I was a very, very hot mess.

Flight Upgrade Style Ideas

The flight was full (at least that is what I was told), but I knew that I never really had much of a chance. It is hard though. I mean, on one half, if I am going to be sitting in premium economy for seven hours, I want to feel comfortable. On the flip side, I want to look classy and professional. With upgrades becoming rarer and rarer – and most going to frequent flyers – every little bit counts. In fact, I recently heard about a fashion designer who designed some outfits that were specifically designed to help wearers feel comfortable but look chic whether they were in first class or coach. Here are a few fashion ideas that will keep you in good  stead.

First class style
Luxeha: Travel Fashion
  1. Enza Costa Maxio Dress
  2. Cashmere Jersey Travel Set
  3. Fendi Black & Grey Stripe Suitcase 
  4. Theory Lanai Stretch Blazer
  5. Edun Straight Leg Trousers
  6. Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Violet Berry Soft Shine
  7. Bionda Castana Leather and Mesh Flats

Top Travel Fashion Videos

I also did a little bit of research on ideas and concepts that might make your next flight a little bit more comfortable and help you get that upgrade.  Check out these Youtube videos for a bit of inspiration!

This video is really great if you are heading out on a long haul flight! The style ideas are classy but comfy. You will need to pair them with the right shoes though so that you don’t look sloppy or messy.

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