Fast Fashion: Go from the office to a movie premiere…without prior planning

It’s late afternoon and you hear your phone buzz. A text message from a friend asking you to go to a film premier pops up on the screen.  What do you do? Are you prepared and ready to go or do you feel flabbergasted and say no because time is too tight?

This happened to me a few months ago and I have to admit that I panicked just a little bit. I dress up for work but I wasn’t red carpet ready or anything like that. It did make me wonder what I might do in the future to make myself a bit more presentable in the face of a last minute event.

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In the end, it turned out to be OK because it was the media premier and the theatre was filled with bloggers, writers from magazines and professional reviewers. I was probably overdressed in my professional attire. Whew! Crisis massively averted. I know how tough it can be to get red carpet ready after a long day at work but there are ways to get around it. Check out these top tips for looking chic as the last second.

Get Black Tie Ready in 30 Minutes

How to make it happen

1 – Be prepared.

That message is not just for young campers out in the woods (yes, I was a girl scout/guide). Do you have a stylist on tap? I mean, is the stylist number in your phone? Why not? Would you know where to go for hair and makeup right after work? Could you get a formal gown in 2 hours? Do you have enough beauty kit? Have you made friends with the women at the makeup counter i.e. someone to help you in a pinch.
2 – Look hot ahead of time.

The weekend is coming! Go for a run, get your nails gelled or polish changed, get a blowout, put on a face mask. Look ready for the week…no matter what happens. You can do a lot of these things as you multitask. Can you paint your nails while watching the news? Put your hair in rollers and under a hood dryer while you do emails?

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3 – Think about what you wear (and keep) at work.

Keep a couple of pairs of heels under your desk in case something pops up. Are you wearing a top that just needs a full skirt? Are there closets at work? It’s OK to put a few dressy items in a garment bag and keep them there. I’m not saying that you should hog all of the space but a slinky dress or two won’t hurt. Anyone who has worked at and investment bank (guilty) knows that lots of guys do that with suits.

Ready, Set, Go

It’s showtime. Relax and go have some fun. In the end, most people are more concerned about themselves than they are about you. Take business cards and meet with people. Enjoy life and wear a smile. That gets people every single time. Look effortless and good luck!

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