Happy Thanksgiving to all. Let’s get thankful!

If you are Canadian, I want to apologize because I know this post is a month too late for you. I’m American though, so I’m sending this out on the American Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to all of my readers who celebrate it and also share some of the things I’m thankful for. Times are tough for a lot of people right now but I have some good things in my life right now.

It is always a bit weird celebrating Thanksgiving on a UK workday. Even though there are parties here in London, or I could consider flying home, it’s not the same. I can’t complain though because I LOVE living in London.

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So, the things that I am thankful for (drumroll please)….

1 – My family: They are really amazing and even when we don’t see eye to eye, I know they will be there for me.

2 – My friends: As I get older, I find that my friendships are getting deeper and deeper. Maybe because things are “getting real”. Illness, job stress, kids – it’s great to have people who care and that you can connect with.

3 – Health: Without health, you’re in big trouble. Would you take millions or billions of dollars or pounds in exchange for the fact that you could only live another six months? I didn’t think so either.

4 – My education: I have had great teachers all my life and I continue to have people who help take me further. If you stop learning, you stop living!

5 – My life/lifestyle: There are so many countries where what I do would not fly. Going out on my own, driving, or having an unpopular opinion to name a few. I am lucky that I had the opportunity to be raised in a loving home and attend good schools. There are so many around the world who don’t get these opportunities.

I hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy turkey, tofurkey, or whatever you plan to eat!

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