Why are women encouraged to “invest” in fashion and not much else?

I was near Bond Street recently and saw this advert in the window encouraging women to invest in fashion and it really got me thinking more about something that has been annoying me for a while. Whether is it women’s magazines, fashion displays or advertising – the message seems to be that women should focus on investing in being hot. Presumably, this is so that you can find a wealthy man using the nice clothes, makeup and jewelry you’ve purchased. This way, you’ll never have to think about finding funds to cover your retirement.

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Really? We should put our money to better use.
Really? We should put our money to better use.

Taking care of yourself

Now, I don’t have a problem if you find a life partner who has more than you but at the same time, it’s worth it to ensure that you take care of yourself. We’ve all heard tales of people who have depended on their partner so much and then wake up to find their partner and their lifestyle gone. Some of you may remember the famous sex and the city scene where Carrie realises that she doesn’t have the 30K she needs to buy her flat. She has to to begging her friends for money once she realises that she has spent nearly the entire amount she needs on shoes.

I want to be clear that I am all for looking good and respectable. In fact, there are are some good reasons for buying high quality clothing that you can pass down or resell. There are even certain items that can make you a profit (hello crocodile Birkin bag). Before you buy, just take a moment to think about your future or those who could be helped by your generosity. Those are the best investments you can make.

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