5 Key reasons to save for the January sales season now

Who doesn’t like to save money? I sure do. It can be hard during the holiday season though. There are so many basics to spend money on as well as goodies that make us feel better and more cheerful during the holiday season. However, I have found that this time of year it’s much better to save and then splash the cash once the sales come on board. I often use this time to buy birthday presents, hostess gifts and (I’ll admit) presents for myself.

If you are trying to have a great holiday season but would rather splash the cash in January or February to get more bang for the buck, this article is for you. The rise of “see now, buy now” means that trends are fast and furious. The items you buy now might be out within a few months anyways. However, it pays to focus on spending money for classic pieces and stocking up on good deals while you can get them.

1 – You can give better gifts during the year rather than only at the holiday season. If you save all year for the holidays, and things are already super expensive during that time of year, then you don’t get as much bang for the buck. Buy something more affordable for the holidays and then get them something cool for their birthday.

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2  – This is the perfect time to pick up “general gifts”. These are items that are fun and beautiful but you buy them more with an event or activity in mind. For example, you spot a great set of tea cups, some luxury soaps and a pretty serving tray. These are things you can give away randomly during the year. This is very useful because there is always someone to show thanks to – your kids teacher, the hostess at a last minute dinner party your friend who is going through a rough time and could use a pick me up.

5 Key reasons to save for the January sales season now

3 – Stock up on gift wrapping! Wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags are on sale. Grab them now. There are lots of options that can be used during the year. Is there a plain red roll? Some awesome gold ribbon? Buy these up and use them during the year. There are lots of ways to make these options look great and not too holiday centred. Check out Pinterest for ideas like this one.

4 – It’s less stressful. Who wants to run around to 50 different stores looking for the perfect gifts? No one. I don’t. You don’t. So let’s not do it. Get a few fun, simple items and go shopping for deals when everyone else is feeling tired and broke. The other plus is that people are often reselling gifts they did not want on sites like Ebay and Vestiaire Collective. More deals!

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5 – You can buy yourself treats. I love the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. In it, he highlights that not everyone likes gifts. Some people feel loved when you spend time with them or give them a hug. Send your pal to a one hour massage while you hit the sales and then meet up for high tea later. He or she probably never wanted that pricey cashmere sweater in the first place.

Now that you are stashing the cash, this is also a good time to think about purging your closet and selling or donating some of your goods to charity. Either way, you’ll get more bang for the buck!

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