Should you join a private members’ club?

Private members clubs have the image of being secret places of grandeur where the rich and famous hang out with long waiting lists of eager joiners. But is it really for you? How do you know if the members will be the right fit or whether the facilities will meet your needs.

Joining a private members club does sure seem to make you feel you belong to the upper crust of the society but there are still certain factors to consider before you jump in.

Here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself if joining a private member’s club is something that should be on your plate:

Are you prepared for the cost of joining fees or capital raising?

Private member’s club requires their members to pay a certain amount as their joining fee (depends on the club but it can be as little as £1,000). Aside from the joining fee, you would also need to pay for the club’s annual membership fee for you to enjoy private and member’s-only access for a year. Some club owners are actually doing the process of “pruning” in order to make sure that their members are upholding the club’s policy. Note that most of these groups only allow a certain number of members.

Do you like the people who go there?

Top organizations usually meet and interview potential candidates to see if they are likeable. They say that these groups are not only after members who have the funds but they also want the people who will join them to have the right attitude or someone who fits their bill.

On the other hand, let’s say that you are someone who is the perfect candidate for a private club’s membership but would you want to hang out with people who don’t share the same ideals, vision and preferences with you? Otherwise, it would be a total waste of time if you are socializing with people whom you don’t really feel like “partying” with.

How often will you actually attend the club?

Taking into consideration the membership fee that you are required to pay annually, will you be able to attend the club as often as you could without compromising other commitments? Weighing how much you would have to pay versus the amount of visits you will be able to make will allow you to decide if joining a private member’s club is a good idea.

Do they host interesting events or activities?

Private members’ clubs are incepted because founding members’ share the same philosophy or vision for a certain objective. That is why, once in a while, they would host events or activities in order to raise funds, create awareness or to simply celebrate a milestone. Check out if these clubs hold interesting events or activities that can definitely be worth your while and money. Joining a private member’s club is also a great way to expand your network through socializing. A reputable and good private member’s club usually host events or activities that can be a great platform for you to promote your social skills.

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