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A few months ago, I saw a small article for a company called Breakfast in Bed, which delivers breakfast to your home. I have to admit that it left me feeling a a bit conflicted. On one hand, this had to be for the super lazy. I mean, come on people, boil some water and toss in some porridge or make a bowl of cereal for goodness sake! On the flip side, this is the perfect option for those who live alone and might wake up feeling ill or hung over….or, maybe if you have a lot of house guests and don’t want to fight the lines for brunch. Options like pancakes and hot food that you don’t have to cook or wait 45 minutes in line for (cough…Granger) sound like a really nice option.

This was my first week at my new job, and I was a bit tired this weekend, so I decided to give it a try after one of their newsletters popped into my inbox. Within 5 minutes I had searched though their tasty breakfast menu options and chosen the beans, chorizo & egg pot (chorizo, beans, streaky bacon, soft egg, kale) as well as a copy of the Sunday Times. Yes, that’s right, you can also get a newspaper with your breakfast order. Hooray! You also have the option to choose a time slot for when you actually want the food delivered. This is a great idea because my plan was to time the delivery so that it showed up at 9am i.e. shortly after usual weekend run around Hyde Park. Once I hit send I was really motivated to make my way around the park so that I would not miss my delivery.

Just before 9am, I arrived home and began to do some stretches when I noticed a Deliveroo scooter pull up. For the uninitiated, Deliveroo is a service that will bring you food from almost any restaurant. I figured that this had to be my breakfast as these scooters are usually only seen at lunch and dinner time. I must have shocked the driver who gave me an odd look as I stared at him hungrily. He told me that he actually does quite a few breakfast deliveries, so I can’t be the only one who wants a hot meal in the morning ASAP.

Breakfast in Bed bag
Breakfast to the rescue!

I took my newspaper and meal to my apartment and examined the food. It smelled amazing and tasted great too. The food was not soggy and the bacon was nice and chewy, but not too crispy. The egg was still soft and gooey too! Best of all, it was still warm, which I have to admit I was a bit worried about. I am often rushed during the week and love to have a hot meal on the weekend.

Breakfast in Bed have two kitchens in London, so they can serve a good chunk of the western part of the city. The company also recently started serving lunch options as well, but I haven’t tried this yet. I’ll keep you posted if I do.

Breakfast in Bed pot
Time for breakfast!


Breakfast in Bed meal
Mmmm…bacon and egg!

Overall, I think this is a great way to go for breakfast. Most mornings I am happy to make my own meals, but this is a nice weekend option that made me feel as if I was proper foodie, in a five star hotel, ordering room service. In fact, I would call this room service for your apartment. I wish that they had sent along a hard copy of the menu so that I could stick it on the fridge or hide it under my pillow. This is also a great choice if you have guests in town and don’t want to spend time slaving away in the kitchen. I paid only £8 ($12) for the newspaper, breakfast and delivery, which is about the price of a meal at a local cafe.

My only problem now is that I’ve been spoiled (sign)! Back to the weekly rush and oatmeal tomorrow…

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