“Luxury Hacking”….What’s it all about?

Lux·u·ry – ˈləkSH(ə)rē,ˈləɡZH(ə)rē (Noun): The state of great comfort and extravagant living


Let’s face it, we all want to live the good life. One filled with friends, family, fun, food and excitement. Of course, it can be hard to know what luxury really means these days. Do you have to own your own jet? A car an driver?  The definition of luxury is a good one but “comfort and extravagant living” can mean different things to different people.


Living the good live means that you have to take steps to define it for yourself first. From there you can take steps to get into the the things that you want and care about. You also have to decide whether you think you deserve the best for yourself. Most people want the best but are afraid of actually getting the best. That sounds counter intuitive but the truth is that getting the best takes work – research, understanding the product, knowing if its right for you, and then taking steps to get it. Thankfully, Luxeha (short for LuxuryHacks) is doing the hard work for you by showing you where to find the best in life and how to get – whether that’s career advice or the hottest weekend get away. Think of us as your lifestyle editor. Best of all, we know that not everyone is raking in millions (yet), so we are dedicated to finding all of the tips, tricks and deals for getting luxury at all levels.


What the LuxuryHacks (Luxeha for short) site is all about
Luxury Hacking is a way of living that allows those of us who don’t have names last names like Zuckerberg, Kardashian or Gates to learn steps, tips and tricks for:
  • living in the best neighborhood
  • supporting philanthropic causes
  • boosting your career and lifestyle
  • having a closet full of designer clothes
  • becoming an art collector
  • drinking amazing and exciting wines
  • sending your kids to great schools>
  • travelling the world and seeing new places
  • AND much, much more…all while not breaking the bank!!

Let’s face it, times have changed and living the good life should not only be the purview of the rich and famous. Everyone can get a piece of the pie now that the luxury lifestyle is being democratized like never before. So, why not take time to read up on how to capture your own piece of the pie?

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The Luxeha team is focused on helping you live life to the fullest - no matter what your budget looks like. We gather tips, tricks, videos, deals and interviews to help keep you in the know and living your best life.

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