From tired to sexy: Make the most of your makeup bag

So, I recently cleaned out my makeup bag only to discover that I have around 20 different products. I tend to go out after work most of the time  – movie premier, charity event,  dinner, drinks – but I always freshen  up  before I go out. I want to look great even if I am just meeting a couple of  girlfriends for drinks. Freshening up at the end of the workday helps me make the separation between the workday and whatever might happen later that evening.

My Beauty Bag

makeup-bagI do my makeup at home before leaving for work  in the morning and touch up before big meetings. The end of the day, I will  generally put on some more powder, a darker lipstick, a bit more mascara and sometimes some false eyelashes. I also apply more deodorant.

What you don’t see in the contents above are my hairbrush and toothbrush/toothpaste. I like to have fresh breath and smooth hair. I also have a separate makeup trove in my desk as well as chapstick pretty much everywhere – I hide chapstick like a squirrel hides nuts. My  routine is quick and simple but pumps me up as I am walking out of the door  before I leave.

You probably also have a lot of amazing afterwork  events too, so I thought I would share some of my top tips and product ideas for your bag. I have found that my makeup bag is a mix of high/low and I have everything from Chanel to Wet n’ Wild to Avon. However, every woman should have some key staples.

Getting it right

You probably already have a makeup bag but I recommend cleaning it out once a quarter. Go ahead and put that date on your calendar! There are a lot of things that are junk. If your product expires in less than 30 months, there should be a sell by date on it.

I also suggest that women go to the beauty counter at a place like Sephora or SpaceNK at least once a year to have their makeup done. We all know women who haven’t updated their beauty look since University. If you don’t know a friend like that, it might be you…just saying. This is also a good chance to stock up on freebies and samples – you’ll notice my mascara and one of my perfumes are sample size. They fit so much better my my bag too.

What your bag needs

Look sexy & take your beauty bag to a new level!I think your best bet is to start from head to toe. Let’s get started.

1 – Hairbrush/Pins/Ponytail holders. If you need some ideas, check out this awesome video on how to do a french twist with just a pony tail holder.

2 – Foundation/Powder. This is one of those things you should so at the beauty counter

3 – Brow/Eyeliner pencil. Putting on eyeliner is a great way to go from day to evening.

4 – Highlighter. Great for defining your brow and making your eyes a bit brighter. I have a powder for under my eyes and a pencil for my brows.

5 – Mascara. I have found that adding a few more swipes looks better. I often use false eyelashes if I have really lux plans or something more formal.

6 – Blush. Needs no explanation

7 – Evening earrings. Studs are great for the dork day. If you are in a professional environment, you don’t want to look too done up.

8 – Lip liner and lipstick. Make those lips pop. I have two darker colours that I use in the evenings. Once is a beautiful red from Chanel called Temeraire and the other is a Maybelline deep wine colour called Plum Perfect.

9 – Nail file. Get rid of those ragged edges. You may also want to include some polish remover wipes in your bag.

10 – Deoderant. You need to reapply towards the end of the day.

11 – Perfume. I put samples – even the mini ones that you find in magazines – in my bag. You don’t need a full bottle.

12 – Hand cream. Put this on last because you don’t want your hands to get too greasy when you are trying to do your makeup.

OK, hope this helps you as you retrofit your beauty bag. It doesn’t take long to step it up a bit after the workday and you’ll feel way more glam.





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