Planning Some New Year’s Resolutions? We’ve Got You Covered

Making key changes in your life is a key part of developing your New Year’s resolutions. Originally, people would use this time of year to make promises to the god Janus. Nowadays, we are focused on improving ourselves.

If you’re at home, thinking about what you need to do to kickstart your efforts, we’ve got you covered. To that end, I’ve pulled together some of the posts that have appeared on Luxeha give you some quick, easy ideas for getting started.

Get the maximum amount of inspiration by scrolling all the way to the bottom. These posts are great for helping you think about your goals. Take a looks at categories such as community, style and fitness, friendship and career.

1 – Support your Community

3 Principles for finding and joining the right charity board

Inspirational outfit ideas: What to wear to an art fair

Give, get or get off: How to support a charity when you’re not rich

Luxeha Life Challenge: 30 days of cultural activities…and how it went!

19+ Fundraising ideas you can use to help a good cause

2 – Look Hot and Healthy

From tired to sexy: Make the most of your makeup bag

Why the skinniest, most successful people drink a glass of water each morning

15 minute workouts to blast your belly

How I bought a CHANEL bag for under £300

5 Unbelievable ways to get FREE luxury items

7 tips for buying and selling luxury items online

3 – Entertain you Peeps More Often

Ridiculously easy ways to get luxury designer furniture for your apartment

Dinner party? Top 5 flower arrangement videos

Grace in a vase: Flowers at home

7 Fresh ways to brighten your home with summer decor

Diptyque candles and the sweet smell of summer

4 – Step up your Career Game

5+ Outrageous Ideas for Impressing Your Boss Ahead of Bonus Season

Why looking good can help you earn over $200,000

When you shouldn’t “fake it” and what to do if you’ve gone too far (freebie alert!)

April 30 Day Challenge Book: Upgrade

5 Reasons why your career might be struggling and what you can do about it

Why serving on a charity board can propel your career


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