Posh bar, plush wallet: Don’t let your tab break your budget

So, you’ve read the latest review about a bar you want to try but the cost of a single drink is astronomical. Don’t push it to the back of your mind and end up relegating it to the dustbin of places that you “shoulda, coulda, woulda” checked out but didn’t. Going to a posh bar doesn’t mean that you should wake up with a cash hangover after a few drinks. By using a few key strategies, you’ll be on your way to a lux time in no time…all while saving your hard earned cash for more important things like your next holiday or a down payment.

1) Mix it up with a nonalcoholic beverage.

I recently went to the Ritz Carlton where cocktails are about £20 each ($30). We all went around and ordered but one person chose tea instead of a boozy beverage – it was only £7. Next time you go to the bar, take a look at the “mocktails” (faux cocktails) or other options like a coffee, tea or even sparking water with lime. It could end up saving you a bundle. It might be a bit awkward to be the only one drinking but there is nothing wrong with telling people that you are looking for healthier options – not the empty calories found in booze.  If you end up at the Ritz, I recommend the Pink Sapphire (see below)!

Pink Cocktail - Ritz photo
Pink Sapphire – Rivoli Bar at the Ritz in London

2) Open your own separate tab.

When the bill comes at the end, it can be really annoying when everyone decides to split the bill and you pay for the overpriced drinks bought by a few people who are pleased that others are subsidizing their night on the town. You can easily avoid this scenario by opening your own tab and ensuring that only the food and drinks you buy are charged to your account. It allows you to have a great evening while avoiding freeloaders.

3) Buy a round of food – not drinks – for everyone.

Buying round after round of drinks for everyone can get quite pricy. Instead, consider ordering a round of snacks. After a drink or two it’s great to have a few nibbles. Your friends will be grateful that someone thought to order food. Your wallet will also be happy because buying three or four appetizers at £6 to £15 is probably much cheaper than five to seven drinks at a much steeper price.

4) Go at the right time.

Some expensive bars don’t really have a happy hour but it’s a good idea to check in advance. Taking advantage of “happy hour” is a great way to save money and free up the rest of the night so that you can bar hop somewhere amazing (and cheaper) once the discounts are over. Alternatively, you can pre-game at a less posh bar.

Now, go enjoy a night out at the latest luxury bar!

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