Luxeha Healthy & Sexy Body Worksheet


Using this worksheet is really easy. Tick off as many of the items as you can. Then choose a few more ideas to try that haven’t been ticked. Within a month, you probably will have reached a place where you are doing most of these without even thinking about it.

Before you begin any diet or workout routines, you need to check with your doctor. It’s super important so that you make the right decisions for you and your body.

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  • Having a healthy & sexy body doesn’t just happen overnight. It times time and dedication to get in shape and develop healthy habits. We know how busy  you are, so we’ve pulled together some tops tips and ideas. This can help you kickstart a healthier lifestyle or boost your momentum if you need a bit of a push in the right direction. By making even small changes, you can boost your health and enjoy life more.


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