Really cool philanthropy blogs to read now

As many of you saw recently, I recently pivoted my blog to have a charity and philanthropy angle. I did this for several reason, which you can read more about here. Although I will always share a fair amount of cool lifestyle blogs too, there is a lot more to life than the latest shoes (even though nice shoes do make me happy).

There are some really cool philanthropy blogs out there that have great tips for running and managing your volunteer charity efforts. A lot of the blogs out there are focused on professional fundraisers. My guess is that most of the readers on this blog are not though. However, many of us want to understanding the most effective way to help a good cause. Sometimes this means helping charities we care about raise more money.

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Now there are some other blogs out there that have posted some really good lists of fundraising blogs. I picked a few that I really like though. Some people are just not that comfortable asking their friends and family for money. There are many ways to give including donating your time and expertise.

Sadly, I have found few blogs out there to support givers and donors. I will keep an eye out but in the meantime, hopefully these blogs will help inspire you. If you know of any donor blogs, please let me know!

Really cool philanthropy blogs to read now

Philanthropy Blogs

So here is a short roundup of some of my favourites.

What Gives Philanthropy – This is a really amazing blog and the posts are so well written and fun. This is one of my favourite posts and I shared it recently at a

Veritus Group – They provide training, information and podcasts for those who have an interest in raising money for charity.

Amy Einstein – This blog also features details about fundraising and there are some freebies on the site as well that might help you as you work with your chosen charities.

Art Fund Raiser – I am really into the arts, so this one is a no brainer. The blog has a number of categories and some really great pieces. I loved this post election post.

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Time to Regulate…

I would recommend to anyone that they take some time poking around their government charity pages. This will help you understand which charities are good and there is often a lot of research regarding trends and impact.

Charities Commission (UK) – They “register and regulate charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.” Their blog has a lot of great information regarding charity trends and how to ensure success.

Internal Revenue System (IRS) – In the US, these charities receive tax deductions and the IRS tracks who can keep their deductions and who can’t. They don’t have a blog but they do have a newsletter and some of their informational events are posted online.

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