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A few weeks ago I went to a really great restaurant that has been getting a lot of buzz – Bao (which I think means bun in Taiwanese). They have other locations in Fitzrovia and Netil Market but opened a new location in Soho. The restaurant is focused on “steam[ing] our BAOs daily using Milk, Wheat Flour and a Chinese Roux. Alongside our BAOs we have a range of dishes that are Taiwanese Inspired”. I went for the steamed buns (because I just love steamed buns) and stayed for everything else on the menu.

Check out Bao London! A few weeks ago I went to a really great restaurant that has been getting a lot of buzz – Bao (which I think means bun in Taiwanese).

You will wait, it’s worth it

The line to get into the Soho branch was really long, which is always a great sign. Of course, some of this is probably due to the fact that the restaurant is super tiny and can only fit about 30 people inside at a time. Once I got in I realised that the size has nothing to do with it. They have made the most of what they have on that front and the food speaks for itself. There is a little sign across the street, so if you you see it I recommend jumping in behind the 15 to 20 people who will probably already be waiting there before you. I went with a friend and we waited for about 20-25 minutes. I suggest a podcast and umbrella (it’s London) as waiting accessories.

Waiting line at Bao
Luxeha: Waiting Line at Bao


Bao waiting sign
Luxeha: The sign for the waiting line at Bao

What you wanna eat…

The food is really amazing and great. I have included a copy of the receipt below so that you can see what it costs and what we liked. The lamb and fried chicken are really amazing. Just thinking about them now is making me super hungry. The chicken in particular was much spicier than I had expected but that made it all the more amazing. The only thing that I would not order again was the Horlicks ice cream bun. The contrast with the spicy meal was too much. I would also recommend the black samurai to drink.

Bao Bill
Luxeha: Bill from Bao

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