Restaurant Review: Dean Street Townhouse

Ok, so I was going to write this post about a month ago and then didn’t. However, I went to Dean Street Townhouse again recently, so this time I am going to have to do a review. Especially because the sun is coming out in London and now that the weather is getting better, you might want to eat at one of their outside tables. Then again you might not as they allow smoking outside and nothing will ruin the flavour of your avocado on toast with bacon on the side faster than a mouthful of awful smoke that the patron at the next table has just blown onto you. Anyhoooooo…I digress.

Dean Street Townhouse is a part of the Soho House & Co group and one of the many restaurants, theatres, etc owned by the group. I’ve been there for dinner and brunch a few times and I’ve always enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere in the evenings is wonderful because they have candles all over the restaurant and the interiors are super lush. I actually had to pause while writing this to check and see if the interior designer who did DST was the same designer who did the Academicians’ Room. I was right. They were both designed by Martin Brudnizki, who also incidentally revamped the Ivy and designed Sexy Fish. There is an intimacy to the styles coming out of his studio and I really like it a lot.

Different parts of the restaurant provide a couple of distinct moods. There is one area near the bar that has a bit more of a brasserie feel and then a more chic area with velvet chairs and dark wood panelling.  If you go for dinner in the latter area, expect a beautiful, dark intimate setting. The menu is very relaxed pub-style food. You won’t have to worry about not knowing or understanding what is on the menu. I would peg this as comfort food. They even have pre-theatre options if you need to get to the theatre on time. It has always been lively and the last time I went there for dinner was no exception. Be sure to book a table in advance or you might end up disappointed. This would be a good option for a fun, relaxed first date that is still just a bit romantic.

If you go for brunch there is a wonderful outdoor terrace where you can see and be seen. The big downside to this area is that it is also a smoking section so you might end up spending more time tasting a mouthful of Marlboro lights from your neighbours cigarette that the tasty dishes that have been prepared for you and your friends. Thankfully, the last time I was there the smokers were far away from our table. The other thing you’ll have to watch for if you eat outside are the thieves that want to take your stuff. Don’t hang your stuff over the fence or too close to the gate. My friend hung his bag on the fence and the staff quickly ran over and asked him to move it because they were worried about the foot traffic. Third, you might have to deal with a bit of pan-handling. At least one or two people came by asking for spare change. This sounds really negative but the outdoor area is great on a wonderful day – just be careful and try to get a table away from smokers. The annoyances are not really an issue and I think that it depends on the time of the day that you go to the restaurant.

The food is really good and they have a great selection of wines. I liked that they also serve half portions for some of the meals. Last last time I went for brunch, I was able to get a half sized full English breakfast, which made me really happy. The other great thing about this restaurant is the location. It is very close to the Soho Theatre and Oxford Circus, so this is a great option to fit in between some shopping and a show. There are also a couple of hotel rooms there if you want to go all the way (or just need a nap after working up a full belly). Enjoy!

Dean Street Townhouse 69 – 71 Dean Street, Soho London, W1D 3SE



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