Restaurant Review: Farmacy London

First, I want to apologise to all of my readers that this post has taken so long. I have been to Farmacy many, many times and I always mean to post but I never do. Don’t take that to mean that I am not a fan because I am a massive fan of this restaurant!

Restaurant Review: Farmacy London




Farmacy is one of the new hotspots in the Notting Hill/Bayswater neighborhood. For those in the know, the dodgy end of Westbourne Grove is being cleaned up. A lot of the old rundown shops and buildings are being refurbished ahead of the planned redevelopment of Whiteleys. As part of the plan, the building will be turned into luxury flats and there will be shops on the first floor. You can find out more about the plan here.

Healthy Food

I’ve been to this resturant many times and it is mostly filled with posh women – and some men – who care about eating a healthy diet. In their own words, “Farmacy enables clean indulgence, inspired by dishes from around the globe and supports both a vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.” I was a bit nervous before going – Would the food be any good? Having come from San Francisco (the mecca of healthy eating), I know healthy food can be tasty for the most part.

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They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have been to all three. There are some real hits on the menu. I have two favourites for dinner/lunch. First, the Tagliatelle ai Funghi, a spelt pasta with mushrooms.  Second, the Mexican Bowl, which is an amazing mix of tortilla chips, tomato ceviche and lots of other goodness. The best thing about all  of the Bowl options, is that for each one ordered, the restaurant donates £1 to Drop4Drop. There are also great organic wines and juices. I really like the Lemon-aid. Any American who has been in the UK and ordered a lemon aid only to get a Sprite (you have to ask for “traditional lemon aid”) this is a real treat.


I really love going here because you can be naughty but nice at the same time. They even have some desserts on the menu. I tend to have a tea after dinner and I like that they serve rosebud tea (it is on the Menu as the Heart Chakra). I’ve also tried the Golden Milk, which is a milky turmeric-based milk drink. It’s OK but a bit grainy for my taste.

beauty  bar

The decor is really beautiful and looks amazing. There is a relaxed feel but it is chic. The bar is especially beautiful as it is covered with succulents and candles. If you go in the evening (make a reservation if you are going for dinner…this is crucial) you will see many women in a uniform of tight jeans, a fashionable top and a Chanel handbag. No seriously, nearly all of the women I saw had one (even me). I went to dinner once and the woman at the table next to us even left hers on the back of her chair – this is when you know the area is improving. If you go in the morning, people are a bit more relaxed – think Lululemon and the rest of the yoga  crowd.

Restaurant Review: Farmacy London




This is great place and they can hold events too. I will be a regular customer for some time and look forward to many more happy meals there. It is the perfect mix of healthy,  lux and relaxation.

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