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Sketch is a super romantic luxury restaurant known for its great setting, great food and its alien landscape unisex pod restrooms. Sometimes I think that the potty pods – as I like to the call them – might be as popular as the restaurant itself. nearly everyone who mention sketch mentions the bathrooms. Anyway, I digress!

The first time I went to the Gallery at sketch was in 2014 with a girlfriend and I really enjoyed myself in the sense that I walked away with a sense of delight when I left. Everything from the hopscotch when we walked in (yes I jumped on it) and the fake phone numbers that were written on the napkins made me laugh a bit – sort of like being part of an inside joke. My bill that time was £90 (~$130) and I felt like every penny was well spent.

There are several parts to the restaurant – the Gallery is probably what most people think of when they thing of sketch – but there are also bar/brasserie sections (i.e. the Parlour, Glade and East Bar) and the Lecture,  which is Sketch’s two Michelin starred gastronomic restaurant.

Sketch Gallery
Photo credit: Sketch Gallery

This year, some girlfriends and I decided to head out for a holiday meal and one of them mentioned Sketch. I mentioned that I had been, but would love to go again given that the restaurant changes its decor every two years or so (here is an example of a previous iteration). The new design, which was created by India Mahdavi, is an amazing room that will make you feel like you are walking into a pink champagne bubble. The room was designed around an art installation by David Shrigley, who created 293 original works for the restaurant. It is amazing to look around the restaurant and see all of his drawings – there are so many and it would be weird to peer over others tables so I only saw the ones nearest to where we sat. Thankfully, I found the video below , which highlighted some of the other pieces. Shrigley also designed the dinner china, which you can purchase on the sketch website.

Getting a reservations is easy and you can even book online. We scheduled at the last second so I had my concierge service call and they were able to get us a great table at a decent time slot. Note that you will have to provide a credit card to hold the table and there is a cancellation fee although you won’t be charged anything at the time you make the booking.

The dress code in the Gallery is pretty relaxed. I wore black jeans and given that we went on 18 February (the day many in the UK wear Christmas sweaters to work), quite a few individuals were wearing goofy holiday sweaters. My friend was worried about wearing hers – she even brought something to change into – until she realized that many others were also wearing them. I would say that it is chic/elegant but not super fancy. This isn’t Ascot! However, if you go to the Library, there is a dress code, which  is smart casual. Gentlemen must wear a smart jacket for lunch and dinner. Ties are optional, smart jeans are allowed and strictly no trainers (i.e. running shoes) or shorts.

Sketch London Menu

Cocktail at Sketch London

Now lets get onto the food. The food was amazing! I was with two girlfriends and we shared three appetizers, including the selection of British and French cheese, which was amazing because we were able to sample several types of amazing cheese. I thought that three starters ended up being too many though because the appetizers were very large and I was pretty full by the time my dinner came. For dinner, I had the Udon noodles in spices with a side order of fries. Probably not the most conventional option coming from a renowned French chef but I had been out to eat every night for the previous two weeks and this looked like a nice vegetarian option (and it was). The fries were a bit too much and neither I, or my other friend who also ordered fries, ate more that 10 or so before leaving them to go cold. My bill was £86 and I had a cocktail, a glass of wine, three shared starters, an an entree and some tea.

We were all too full for dessert and just ordered tea. It was a really fun night and sketch is a great place to go to whether you are with a group of girlfriends or on a romantic date!

View from my table - Sketch London
View from my table (no people as we had an early seating)




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