Ridiculously easy ways to get luxury designer furniture for your apartment

You want your home to look like Versailles, but your budget is more like “why? why? why?” Don’t worry; you don’t have to compromise when it comes to having great furniture. There are quite a few ways to get your hands on luxury designer furniture for your apartment without breaking your budget. We’ve rounded up some of the top ideas for ensuring that your place looks like it came out of an interior design magazine.

Consider buying more affordable outdoor furniture first

This sounds weird but sometimes an outdoor option might look great inside and it can be moved outside once you can afford the pricier indoor options. Just make sure that you choose outdoor options that are versatile and capture the themes you would want for your apartment. You can also look at bathroom vanities or storage that could double in a bedroom or living room. Once you’ve found that perfect piece, it will be a good investment over the long haul. If you think this is a joke, check out the outdoor pieces below, which are from Roche Bobois.

roche bobois table
Photo: Roche Bobois


roche bobois chair
Photo: Roche Bobois

Wait for sample displays to go on sale

Walking around a shop, your eye suddenly catches this coffee table that would fit perfectly in the bare space of your living room, sadly the price tag says it doesn’t fit well into your budget. One trick is to keep an eye for display sales. Once furniture store displays have been used, the shop will often sell them at a discount. Ask the store manager for details about upcoming sales and how displays are sold. You might be a step closer to getting that dream furniture of yours.

End of model sales, overstock and holiday deals

When it comes to fashion, there will always be trends. Trends  have a timeframe – meaning after one season, newer models will come out. Unsold items will eventually be put on sale or maybe the store bought too many products. Don’t be afraid to ask the manager when the sales or end of model clearance options are coming. If they don’t have deals, check around at other stores. Also, make sure that you hunt for holiday deals or end of year sales to be able to get that luxury designer furniture easily! In the new year, a lot of people want to remodel, so there will be a lot more competition. Early birds get the worm.

High quality second hand furniture

So, you don’t have the patience to look for deals, etc. Where else can you find hard-to-get or unique items? Check online! The web is a great place to shop for everything and you can generally find high quality second hand furniture. There are many sites that sell used luxury furniture. Check out Preloved.co.uk or Ebay.com. You will have a wide range of options and be able to draw inspiration from different designs. A great advantage of buying second-hand furniture is that there are often huge saving. This will also minimise having to queue for payment or drive to and from the shop. Make sure to arrange shipping and handling with the seller to ensure that your purchase process is hassle-free.

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