Screw your New Year’s resolutions! It’s all about “Back to School”

All of the September beauty, career and current affairs magazines are on the newspaper stands at this point in the year (I may have even spotted a couple of October issues). If you’re like me, September was always a time for renewal. It was the time of year that the summer was over and I had to go back to school. You could head back looking newer, fresher and happier after a long summer break. Maybe I was in a new class or a whole new school and I could leave the past behind.

My school days are over but I have to say that more and more, September is once again becoming a time for renewal. Summer days are coming to an end…I’ve already noticed the trees in the park turning different colors – the first hints of orange and yellow. It’s a recognition that the year is coming to an end. It’s time to get back on track for the holidays rather than wait for the New Year. These days it is all about “back to school” mode.

Have you set some "back to school" goals? Here's why they're better than New Year's resolutions.The “back to school” concept is gaining steam because we’re looking for more, better and faster ways to make changes. Why wait until one point in the year? Why not just start now and see where the changes take you by the way end of the year? This could be the perfect opportunity to lose weight and find a new lover to take to all of your holiday parties. Today we can step it up at any point and it also gives us more time to evaluate changes and get into new habits.

When to resolve

New Year’s resolutions were originally made to honor the god Janus. Although there is never a perfect time to make resolutions, I do believe there is something to be said for having specific points to step back and take stock. Are you striving for goals that you’re no longer interested in? I prefer to set out a five year plan for myself. I then break down the goals by year. What I’ve found though is that I have to take stock on a regular basis to determine whether I still want to do something and if my goals are still the same. I sure don’t want to waste time thinking about how to achieve goals that I don’t care about anymore.

One of the reason’s that I started this blog is that I like to help other people reach their goals and ambitions. When it comes to goal setting, the best thing is always just to start and get going. Set some check points and get moving! 🙂

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