Be your own sugar daddy…seriously, it’s super easy!

Now that the New Year is here, people are looking for new relationships. Apparently, the 3rd of January is the day most people are online and looking for love each year. I recently saw a programme on TV about women who look for sugar daddies. They want older men or women who can expose them to the finer things in life and help them move up in the world. While I agree that it’s important to only date people who are financially responsible, this is a bit too much.

Save your self respect and dignity by taking a look at some of the tips below. You can live a great life on a budget. Maybe you won’t be splashing the cash but you can move forward in a way that allows you to learn and grow on your own terms. You also have to ask yourself if you really care about experiencing the lux life. If you don’t go to the opera now – when you can get a ticket for £15 – are you really that interested? I know, you saw “Pretty Woman” and like the idea of dressing up…but do you care about the arts?

The Arts

Many of the people said that they wanted to experience “a nice life”. One woman mentioned going to the opera and getting jewelry. I had to laugh a bit. Rather than wasting time trying to make small talk with someone you are only dating for money, why not get last second “secret seats”? Tickets to Glyndebourne start at around £15. The English National Opera even has a programme to attract young people called Opera Undressed.  You can get started with opera for £20 and they host afterparties with free drinks with members of the cast. Most Opera companies do this so they can get fresh young people (and potential donors).

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Why not go to events and meet people in real life who you can build real relationships with – this includes friends who share your interests. Many arts organisations have membership groups that host events. When I lived in San Francisco, the SF Opera had a young person’s group that hosted backstage tours and held a huge winter party where we got to take selfies wearing some of the costumes.

Travel Abroad

If you want to travel abroad, stop looking for someone to pay your way and look into study abroad. Are you out of school? Pick a week a year away and price out the cost of the trip – now divide that amount by 12 and you’ll have the money you need saved in no time if you’re careful. There are also great programmes focused on language learning or international development work that might be interesting.

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Maybe your house of worship offers short programmes to do charity work abroad? Have you checked with your job to see whether you can travel abroad on a work assignment or take a sabbatical? You should also take a look at your points programmes so that you can see if this might help you reach your travel goals. Link up your points cards for max benefits. I once took a trip to Scotland using points from my grocery store card!

Restaurants Galore

Dining out can be expensive but there are many ways to enjoy awesome new venues without breaking the bank. Go to the bar instead of the restaurant area and try the bar menu. Have breakfast or lunch rather than dinner. There are ways to enjoy the best of the best without having Daddy or Mommy Warbucks as your dinner date.

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I was out to dinner with a girlfriend when an older man walked in with a sexy younger woman. The restaurant started buzzing – I could tell the slut shaming was going to begin (which is not OK). If you are sugar daddy dating, that is your choice. I personally don’t care that much. But, if you want to raise your status, you’re going to have a harder time. All of those people you were hoping to  connect with at the gallery openings, the nice restaurants and the opera are probably going to remember you for the wrong reasons. This is not what you want when you’re trying to build your career.

Closet Conundrum

If you want to look sleek, there are plenty of options for looking nice and wearing the best brands. I like shopping online at places like TK Maxx Gold Label, which you can do in the US and UK, going to sample sales and even shopping on Vestiaire Collective. I’ve gone to sample sales and found dresses that were £2,500 marked down to £125 – true story.

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You can also find really great items at regular shops. However, I recommend saving your money for big sales and shopping events so that you can get more of the good stuff.


So, there you have it! You might not be rich or famous or the best looking but all of us have the opportunity to develop ourselves. Don’t leave it to others to help you find your interests. I know that money issues can be difficult and everyone has to do what they think is right for themselves. Just don’t sell yourself short.

Money can come and go. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are always looking for the next person with money to spend when you could live a great life on your own. Instead, meet people who can add more than monetary value to your life. Hopefully, with the tips above, you’ll be able to do the same for them too.

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