Valentine’s Day is for loving your community too

It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year. Now it’s already time for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have found the love of your life, or you’re trying to forget your latest fling, V-Day is one time of the year where people reflect on their relationships. However, this year, I would challenge all of my readers to think about how they are going to share the love. With their community and the people around them, of course!

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Think about all of the money spent on Valentine’s Day – dinners, diamonds, flowers, chocolate, movies, and lots and lots and lots of lingerie. I know it makes sense to treat our partners to something special but with all of the mayhem going on in the world… We could all do a bit more to think about how we need to be kind to each other and support each other. Let’s think about how we can really love people around us by giving them our best on Valentine’s Day.

Show the Love!

Too many people think about this day as a rotten made up holiday but let’s reclaim it for something new. In the spirit of love, charity and kindness let’s help other people and let others feel the love for one day. With that view, here is my short list of ideas (cause I just love a freaking list) that we can use to support each other.

  • Go to the local coffee shop or sandwich shop and pass out drink and food to the local homeless people
  • Make a Valentine’s Day video and send it to all of your friends
  • Buy some roses and give them to your colleagues or the assistants who are always helping you
  • Call a few friends and let them know how much they mean to you
  • Donate to a charity or good cause
  • Stick up for someone who needs a backup and show you care
  • Buy some actual cards to mail to your closest friends or family

Whatever you end up doing, it’s a good idea (and really good karma) to give instead of waiting to get on the most loving day of the year.


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